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Gerald Sauer has been engaged in the practice of law in Los Angeles as a civil trial attorney for over 30 years. Gerald has extensive jury trial experience in federal and state courts and has handled numerous matters in alternative dispute resolution forums, including arbitrations and mediations. Gerald has served as the lead trial attorney in several highly publicized matters that have received extensive print and television media coverage, including an appearance by Gerald on the "NBC Nightly News"-- a national television program. Gerald’s appellate advocacy experience has involved briefing and arguing several cases before various state and federal appellate courts, including the California Supreme Court, California Courts of Appeal, United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Gerald’s entertainment/intellectual property litigation experience has touched upon a broad range of matters on behalf of various members of the Hollywood’s community, including motion picture studios, producers, directors, writers, actors, agents and business managers. The breadth of Gerald’s entertainment practice includes the prosecution and defense of copyright and “theft of idea” claims, audit/accounting practices and breach of contract disputes. Gerald has handled several jury trials on behalf of well-known celebrities and popular motion pictures such as, for example, “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.

Gerald’s business litigation experience has included representation of public and private corporations, general and limited partnerships, financial institutions, sole proprietorships, professionals and individuals. In a contentious business dispute, involving the fraudulent transfer of corporate assets, Gerald succeeded in obtaining a jury verdict in the amount of $2.3 million, including $700,000 in punitive damages, that was subsequently affirmed by the California Court of Appeal. Gerald has represented Mattel, Inc., the world's largest toy manufacturer, for many years in dealing with numerous business disputes, including breach of contract, intellectual property and construction defect claims.

Gerald’s real property litigation experience has involved a wide range of issues, including trespass to real property, regulations of the California Coastal Commission, eminent domain, boundary and easement disputes, breach of purchase and sale agreements, entitlement to commission proceeds, construction defects, landlord/tenant disputes and mechanic’s liens. Gerald obtained a record jury verdict in the State of California in the amount of $1.4 million in a case involving the wrongful cutting of several trees on residential real property, owned by a celebrity client, located in Beverly Hills, California.

Gerald’s employment-related litigation experience has enabled him to represent management and labor in various matters. On the management side, Gerald has represented several companies in obtaining favorable settlements, including a class action involving wage and hour claims as well as in wrongful termination and sexual harassment cases. On the labor side, Gerald also has settled numerous disputes and has obtained substantial jury verdict in various matters including, for example, on behalf of client who was denied the right to arbitrate an employment-related dispute as a result of a corporate employer’s failure to act in good faith in following its own written employment policies and procedures.

Gerald has utilized his trial skills to handle public impact cases – matters designed to draw attention to significant social issues and effect change. In a federal jury trial, Gerald represented the victim of “identity theft” and obtained a record award against a national credit reporting agency in the amount of $200,000 for emotional distress damages, plus attorneys’ fees and costs in the amount of approximately $175,000. In reaching its verdict, the jury unanimously found that the national credit reporting agency failed to comply with the provisions of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.